Video Portfolio

Seeing Sound Through Fire: The Science Behind a Rubens' Tube

Produced for the University of Connecticut | Oct. 2023
"Ever watch a viral video and wonder, 'How’d they do that?' In the case of a recent viral video of a trumpeter playing into a tube that’s on fire, making the flames dance higher and lower in time to the music, we asked experts at UConn to explain just how the device – called a Rubens’ tube – worked. And they answered."

A Panther Statue Transformation

Produced for the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford | Nov. 2021

"Now that the carving is finished on our new wooden panther statue, here's a high-speed look through the process this week. There are still some finishing touches that need to be made on the work, so stay tuned for next fall when we reveal the final product."

A Chess Story: Achieving the American Dream

Produced for the University of Connecticut | July 2023

"UConn Stamford student Jithu Sajeevan explains how he took his passion for chess and turned it into a career that helps local youth learn the game."

Department of Chemistry Periodic Table Display

Produced for the University of Connecticut | Nov. 2022

"Years’ worth of planning and collecting by Department of Chemistry head Christian Brückner has culminated into an interactive periodic table display that was recently installed on the second floor of the Chemistry Building."